Studying? or…. lollygagging? on Pinterest

It’s quite obvious that study buddies around the world, struggle a lot with their sleeping schedule. Even today, I ended up waking up after a 4-hour sleep. Is this because you study a lot? or … Are you fond of procrastinating? Buddy, it’s up to you. 🙄

Is it already 10.00 pm?

Buddy, what are you up to? Studying? Or dilly-dallying?

You promised yourself to sleep before 11,

Isn’t that your inner devil?

Grab a second to analyze you, not me,

You lied, tricked, teased (just yourself)

Being a scarecrow to your mind

Thinking to be a straight A+ buddy to others?

No, no. You heard it right,

Why? Doesn’t your (pro) procrastination cry so?

Take a deep breath, throw your piled garbage away.

Stand up, get some water. Start studying.

Still a dream? Watching videos or playing games…

Slept at 2.00 am, it’s no big deal at all

Either to your parents or the tutor

But…for you, it’s a deal, a huge one.

As a student, I too trick myself quite often. “Just only 5 minutes” “I have more time” are the precious phrases that ruin us. First, complete your assignment, then reward yourself. Staying all night to waste time will only gift you nothing.

~until next time

Bye(●'◡'●) Stay positive!✨